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MIU Journal

Mediterranean International University Scientific Journal

6286-2519 ISSN

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the mission

The journal seeks to promote the culture of scientific research; to get it to a place of pioneering distinction locally and internationally. It hopes to become one of the most popular peer-reviewed journals that deal with the publication of peer-reviewed researches.

The vision

The intellectual, scientific journal of the MIU seeks to achieve the goals of the university locally, throughout the Arab world, and internationally. It strives to be distinguished both scientifically and at the practical level. It aims to become a scientific reference for researchers. It publishes scientific research that meets strict international standards characterized by originality, professionalism, accuracy and credibility.

The MIU Journal seeks to accomplish the following:

– Promote cultural awareness of the branches of the human knowledge in society.  

– Affirm the scientific goals of the university and expand the means of spreading its message. 

– Enhance the academic status of the university and its advancement over its counterparts keeping in mind that scientific journals are considered the first indicators of a successful university.

– Create ad improve the performance of the scientific cadres; Make available a scientific reference for researchers; spur the researchers creative forces and encourage them through evaluation, guidance, and the provided opportunities. 

– Provide those few lost scientific researches with the means of academic publication in peer-reviewed magazines through the publication in the MIU Journal.



Issued in both Arabic and English

The Unified International Center

Assigned the number ISSN 2519-6286 by the Unified International Center.

Arab Impact Factor

Certified by the Arab Impact Factor under No. 224-2018